WinTron Business Ideas

We know that entrepreneurship is a challenging road so we will divide the entrepreneurial period into 5 parts, and analyze each part to help founders of traditional enterprise to move forwards in this difficult road.

Early stage of business

In the early stage, it is normal to encounter difficulties such as being barren, scarce, and insufficient, and these difficulties is what make us desire for innovation and breakthrough

Difficulties in starting up a business

The road of entrepreneurial process is never easy and there is no one way to success, rather it is often a lonely journey as not a lot people would understand or even believe as you may do something that is subvert the existing rules.


You must remember that you are a business entrepreneur therefore you must be equipped with business awareness and be able to understand business logic and models

Do not forget the original intention

It is important that you spend as much time on research and judgement in the early stage because choosing a direction is the most toughest part of a startup. Smaller companies have fewer financial resources compared to other bigger and richer companies, so they have less chance of trial and error. The most valuable resource for entrepreneurs is their own time and effort. In the early stage, we should explore the feasibility of the direction in the most efficient way that fits with your own characteristics. If you encounter a problem, it is important to make proactive and decisive changes as your runway is limited.

Adapt to change

Whether it is team composition, product, or direction, it is likely to change during the entrepreneurial process. According to statistics, entrepreneurial team in the UK changes directions on 2.3 times on average. This is because as entrepreneurs have more direct and in-depth understanding of their direction, target customers, ability, and resource, it is very normal for them to adjust their initial position. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be well-equipped to adapt to changes.

Reach the top

WinTron , being optimistic investors, we are willing to believe and hope that all entrepreneurs will success, innovate and subvert. The spirit of fairness is our values so we believe that no matter how small and inexperience you are now, one day you will be successful. Once we have invested in you, you will become part of our WinTron family which we will accompany you along the way.