Create value of WIT quickly

WIT Online game


Game combined with blockchain technology

WinTronWe have three competitiveness advantages :

1) rich experience and technical foundation

2) leading innovative developing of the game market and market liquidity

3) verified safety and security

We have developed the game of ‘Dream Come True’ which combines mobile game and blockchain technology

We are committed in providing our community with a safe, easy-to-use blockchain system. The digit assets on the WinTron is the key to other free trading digit assets and the value of digit assets is created through WinTron

The game of Dream Come True uses the WIT as its primary circulating currency in which players could use the form of ‘bidding’ to earn stable profits and increase the currency value

"Dreams Come True" is an online game bundled with digital currency in the form of blockchain.

Dream Come True is a game which uses the concept of large-scale city construction in which players could bid various construction projects. Once the player has successfully participated and won the bidding, the construction of the designated project will then begin. Once the construction has completed, the designated profit for that project will be given to the player in the form of WIT. Additional profit could also be obtained in the trading market as the value of WIT increases.

Participants who contributed to the first round of WinTron promotion will be rewarded in a form of WIT

WinTron Create value of WIT quickly


Community equals value and therefore, we are committed to create a large community which allows the circulation of WIT and as a result increasing the value of WIT.

Ordinary 10% Airdrop Masssupport

WIT 10% Airdrop budget Achievement Dream Game Feedback Masssupport

All coins will get market promotion and airdrop budget once they go online. What is unique about us is that we can build a huge community quickly distributing bonuses to players through our online game ‘Dream Come True’. Players could win WIT through the game by WIT’s airdrop and marketing budgets. The bonuses and profit earned by players in the game are all within the airdrop budget so there will never be over-broadcasted and crashes. Once the budget have all distributed, we will use other plans to continue expanding our community.

The difference between Traditional ICO and WinTron community establishment.