Unique Characteristics
of WIT

Provide Fundings And Technology

Our WinTron Foundation uses the method of crowdfunding operated by a professional team and look for companies with high potentials to provide them with funding and technology and help these companies to enter the road of fast-chain

Real Circulation Of Digital Currency

We thrive to be innovative and revolutionary in allowing the flow of our digit currency by providing three major services which includes shopping mall payment, online game, and digit assets on trading platform.

Attract The Masses By Turning Airdrop Budget Into Game Profit

We used game revenue to replace the airdrop budget in digit currencies which helps to gain public attention as well as to gain game reward and attract more people to become a part of our WIT family.

Comsumption Rebate

Users are able to part of their consumptions amount return by simply using our digital currency. The more you comsume, the more coin you have.