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WinTron has become the preferred platform by breaking through the barriers between blockchains and creating a blockchain users platform.



WinTron Foundation is a formal investment platform that explores and invests in potential projects proposed by SMEs and startups companies.

We aim to analyze and judge the overall quality of entrepreneurs and future development trends, to help companies with high future development potentials, to mature themselves to reach their highest capacity!

Combining the major trends in the market, using blockchain technology to realize hidden wealth such as social networking and entertainment, and using the most popular tools such as games and trading software to integrate multiple trends to merge various potential coins to hit the market

We provide technology and funding :

Potential companies would be evaluated and assisted by WinTron foundation, which will be raised through crowdfunding, managed by a professional team which provide technology and funds to assist companies to embark on the road of blockchain.

We have been operating in the market for a considerate period of time in which we invest in potential traditional companies with our in-house technical team. We will carefully consider your business ideas as long as they are innovative with high potential.

Our main consideration :

  industry trends   Team Strength   Profit  

  competitive advantages  
how to stand out from other competitors and create market demands

  Annual operational data  
number of active users, customers, and financial statements

  a clear financial plan  
all the required funds, shareholders, investor shares, payback period, and net proft

All investment projects are confidential in order to protect the interest of both parties.