Our philosophy

Partners Accomplishment
Mutual Achievement
Value Creation



WinTron Foundation was established on September 2020.

We mainly invest in consumption upgrade, new retail, industrial internet, AI, technology and etc.

Our mission is “to help entrepreneurial mutants to make the world a better place’, assisting true entrepreneurial mutants on a global scale to change the world.

We believe that internet technology plays a big role in promoting the development of our society, and we are willing to discover entrepreneurs with ambitious visions and dreams and partner up with them to propose solutions and improvements to major social development issues

WinTron Foundation is very different compared to other tradition investments institutions in which we have unique values and professional insights and we advocates the use of internet models and concepts to make innovative investments

We will stand with visionary entrepreneurs as we believe that the essence of the financial return of investments comes from the value created by the company we invest in

We are also internet entrepreneurs ourselves so we deeply understand about the future of technology and the development of the internet and deeply in technology and internet related fields

Due to high risk, we mainly make early stage investments which is currently the most desired and scarce on the market

We present our concept using various forms and use different internet models and concepts to invest in innovative fields

We are an early institutional investment, with obvious and unique advantages in terms of openness, methodology, professionalism, scale, and belongingness.