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WInTron Provided Resources

New economy enterprises require capital and resources


The founder of WinTron Foundation, Edward, once said: “In order to master in the global resource trends, having sufficient experience in cultivating listed companies and owning an industrial chain are the most important things for new startup companies.

Way to get along

We provide support through WinTron Foundation in which we will not forcefully and blindly direct entrepreneurs, rather we are tolerative and understanding, a mentality which a business partner should have. We also have a deep accumulation of early-stage venture capital and provides post-investment assistance to traditional enterprises which many are unique to the industry.


We provide an important post-investment service by assisting in the rear round of financing. We focus on early investment and form an investment industry chain with other well-known international A-round VCs.

Resource Reach

We are equipped with a diverse networking and years of experience which allow us to provide potential corporate advisory services and financing channels

Experience precipitation sharing

Potential companies can embarks on the blockchain road faster and at ease with our help in summarizing common blind spots in financing and collection financing experience

Unique Reputation

Our reputation and monument database to make your process go smoothly :

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